Friday, October 07, 2005

Decisions, decisions..(Lemon Syrup Tea Cake)

Quite frequently, I find myself at a dilemma when having to make a decision. It may involve a life-changing decision or it may be something as simple as deciding what to bake today.
It happened again today, I was at a cross between baking a Green Tea Chiffon Cake and a Lemon Syrup Tea Cake (Nigella Lawson's recipe). I even went as far as to ask a friend to decide for me; she chose the former. But her input was in vain for in the end, I ended up baking the Domestic Goddess' recipe (not to mention the fact that I also have a lemon that has been in my fridge for ages!)
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The recipe looks like a butter cake recipe, but it was really soft and fluffy. When just out from the oven, the top was poked all over with a skewer and then the prepared lemon syrup was poured all over. The result was a "lemon syrup infused butter cake". The cake was light and tangy. A must for people who love this citrus fruit (the lemon sauce was quite potent!). For the rest who cannot fathom any slight taste of sourness, stay away; so I can have your share too!
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Just baked!

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