Saturday, October 29, 2005

Buttery Goodness (Butter Cake & Butter Rolls)

Going back to the basics, sometimes simplest food is the best food.
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Butter Cake was among the first cakes I baked when I first started baking. There is nothing exciting about butter cakes because it is so plain (unless of course, if you add other flavours to it) but yet there is something very nice and comforting about it. Recently, I was given a new recipe and tried it out. I was glad that I did for it turned to be the best so far, in my opinion (particularly if you prefer butter cakes that are not too rich or greasy). Simple, buttery goodness with just the right texture, it is butter cake at its best!
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Continuing this "buttery success", I also baked plain Butter Rolls. Yum, it is so good to have it slightly warmed and slathered with butter or jam (especially my Pumpkin Marmalade jam) or even have it plain., over a cup of coffee, of course!
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Anonymous said...

hi, can you share the recipe for the butter rolls please. it look very yammi. thank's