Friday, October 14, 2005

Getting Creative (Teh Tarik Muffins)

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The average Malaysian loves "teh tarik" (literally meaning "pulled tea" resulting in a frothy and bubbly milk tea), and dare I say even more so than coffee? A popular hot beverage to have for breakfast, tea time and even during supper, there is indeed something very comforting about drinking a hot glass of "teh tarik".
That is why I was very curious when I saw this recipe (click on title for link to recipe). I have never seen nor tasted a Teh Tarik Muffin and I was dying to find out after coming across the post. All you need is a glass of "teh tarik"and some self-rasing flour, and voila!
I took the cheater's way by using those pre-mixed "teh tarik"sachets. To make the taste and scent stronger, I used 2 packets for one glass portion. Well, the end result was less spectacular than I expected but I least I got over my curiosity, for now.
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gina said...

viv, next time you make this muffin, go to the shop and buy a take away portion from the encik lor! Then you can have the real thing: bubbles and all. Just remember to add more sugar or your muffins will not be sweet.