Sunday, October 16, 2005

Discovery of a New Favourite! (Sweet Corn Layer Cake)

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Announcing the discovery of a new favourite, the Sweet Corn Layer Cake. Based on the recipe by Alex Goh, I have to say this cake is highly successful. Nice presentation and even nicer taste, I already have people asking me whether would I made this for sale. Sorry, it is not for sale yet. :-)

The many looks of this cake:
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knitties said...

My husband was saying you can open a confectionary with the amount of pastry you've been churning out! This cake looks very yummy :-) Is it a "jelly" consistency?

Jas said...


Wow... your Sweet Corn Layer Cake looks good, I would say it better than Alex. Yum yum yum, is it a must to use instant jelly powder?

myCoffee said...

Hi Knitties,
I wanted to bring you some initially….Yup, it’s a jelly consistency. Agar-agar sandwiched in between layers of sponge cake.

Hi Jas,
Thanks for the compliment. I used jelly powder as instructed, I am not sure if you can substitute with something else. But then again, having worked with gelatine and agar-agar powder in cakes before, I would say that this turns out the best result.

Florence said...

Nice cake! Will try it too!

I have tagged you:

Anonymous said...


Congrats!!!!!for yr lovely cakes.
luv yr site and can share recipe or not.....hehehe


myCoffee said...

Ok,ok, recipe will come soon. Watch out for this space.

Anonymous said...


May I know what is the weight of 1 packet of Hoen Kueh Flour?



ju said...

Tha corn layer cake so nice... can I have the recipe to try?