Sunday, October 30, 2005

Re-Experimenting Old Favourites (Ang Ku & Sweet Corn Pudding)

Sometimes, despite having found a good recipe that yielded good result, I still couldn't resist the lure of trying out new recipes for these old favourites.
That's what happened today, I found new recipes for two of my old favourites. The "Ang Ku Kueh" and Sweet Corn Pudding. My previous tries were a success. Both were delicious and a hit. Unfortunately, these 2 new recipes couldn't recreate the past successes.
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The "Ang Ku Kueh" recipe that I used here omitted any use of sweet potato. Using only glutinous rice flour, it is said to remain soft and chewy the day after. And since it uses no sweet potato, I thought it will be "less work" and hence, easier. Yes, it delivered what it promised. The kueh remains chewy the day after, no hardening of skin but it was much harder making it than the previous recipe. The dough was so sticky that it was almost impossible to remove it from the mould without any damage. I had to "rest" the dough in the fridge for almost half an hour. So what I thought to be an much easier recipe turned out to be twice as hard... And I found I prefer the skin from the previous recipe too. But well, at least I tried....
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As for the Sweet Corn Pudding, this new recipe looks to be healthier than the previous option although it uses corn flour too. But what I didn't like so much about it is I could taste the presense of the corn flour. Perhaps microwaving it for a short while would have done the trick in erasing the "floury" taste (I read about this tip somewhere and had tried it. It worked!). I think I will just stick to the previous recipe next time, unless if I chanced upon another interesting-looking recipe again.

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