Friday, October 28, 2005

Volcanic Experience (Black Magic Mountain Cupcakes)

It is indeed black magic! And why wouldn't it be so with the perfect rich combination of coffee and chocolate?
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I got intrigued when I first saw this recipe (click on title for link). With a catchy name like that and the author's insistence that one must not use anything else but Hershey's Chocolate Powder or something more superior when making this, I was convinced that this is a "must-try" recipe. Of course, I am always sold for anything that has both "coffee" and "chocolate" in it.

Instead of making this into a cake, I baked them in individual cupcake tins. I also substituted with some organic molasses sugar (that is said to enhance the flavour of chocolate cake more). To make it even more interesting, I added chunks of chocolates in the middle of the cupcake.
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To my surprise, the cake looks like an exploding mountain when it was baked. In fact, it reminds me of a volcano!
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What the heck, since it already looks like a mountain, why not make it a "snowy mountain". And that's how a simple Black Magic cake became a Black Magic Mountain cupcake.
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Jas said...


Wow! They look good! Does the chocolate ooze out like hot chocolate cake?

myCoffee said...

Yes, if you use chocolate chips and not really for chocolate chunks. Also. since I'm using small and shallow pans, the bigger pieces tend to sink to the bottom.