Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Meme - Childhood Memories of Food

Oops, I have been tagged by Florence at Do What I Like. This is my first meme and the topic of the meme this time is “Food from Childhood Memories”.
Hmmm…. , after pondering long and hard, I finally managed to short-list them to the 5 items below:

1) Iced or Plain Gem biscuits.
These seems to be a favourite with quite a number of people and were usually bought from traditional grocery shops (sold by weight) or from the “pasar malam” (night market). If given a choice, I would binge on the iced ones. Loved to separate the coloured icings from the biscuit base and eat them separately. But sometimes, when my mom became a “meanie” and stopped me from taking too much of the coloured icing by saying that “too much coloured stuff is no good for you”, I would find comfort in the plain ones. These are seriously good when dunked into a cup of hot beverage (e.g., milo, milk, milk coffee).
You can see the picture here .

2) Sugar Floss “Ice-Cream”
Usually sold by the “roti” man and comes in individual packets, they are mini sugar floss (both coloured and uncoloured) on top of a small wafer cone. Loved them, especially after my mom forbade me to have too much of the stuff. I would usually wait for the roti man to come, secretly buy them without my mother’s knowledge and chomp them down befor my secret is "discovered".

3) Tau Fu Fa (Silky Beancurd)
Although still widely available now, there was a period of time when I was young that I used to have it almost every day. Again, a vendor on motorcycle would come by every afternoon. He would sound his honk and hollers, “Tau Fu Fa!” My mom (she approved of this snack) would send me out to buy, either plain in white or brown sugar, or half-mixed with the soy milk.

4) Home-fried French Fries
When I was young, I used to dislike main meals a lot. You can say I was a junk food junkie (come to think of it, I still am in certain ways). Anyway, I used to dread going home after school to eat my mom’s home-cooked lunch. Usually, I would play the food around my plate until my mom said that I am done with lunch. But there was one dish that I really look forward to; frozen French fries (fried of course). I would eagerly open the “tudung” (food cover) to see if my “favourite dish” was part of the menu of the day and gleefully dig in, if it was indeed available. My mom had to make me promise to have them “with” my rice though.

5) Home-prepared Western Food
Continuing from above, although I generally dislike having proper main meals, there is one meal that I would look forward to and that is a “western-style” meal. My late second sister would usually prepare this for me as an occasional treat. She would fry some fries, a piece of Ramli burger (either chicken or beef) patty, with some French toasts. I would be most happy when I found out whenever she was planning to make this meal. Till today, this meal gives me bitter-sweet memories for it had never tasted the same ever since

Now, whom shall I tag this meme to? Seems like all the food blogs that I know have already been tagged. Maybe just this one although it's not a food-related blog... :o)

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Florence said...

Hi mycoffee,
Thanks for taking your time to write this MeMe.
We share 1 MeMe food - gem biscuits.