Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Baker's Shopping

Thanks to "masak-masak", I chanced upon this site and discovered to my delight, many interesting cooking/baking supplies and gadgets such as Varlhona chocolates, vanilla pods (quite a bargain), EXOPAT (Silpat in the US) and Microplane® graters. Without much hesitation, I placed an order with them. Here's what I bought:
Image hosted by
EXOPAT baking sheet (this costs a bomb but I have been wanting this since I read the raves and saw it on Amazon which unfortunately does not ship this product internationally);
A packet of 5 vanilla pods;
Varlhona Chocolates (GUANAJA - The Bitter Dark Valrhona Chocolate Grand Cru of Dark Chocolate from South America - 70% cocoa; MANJARI - The Fruity Dark Valrhona Grand Cru chocolate from the Indian Ocean with 64% cocoa with orange zest; and MANJARI buttons),

Service was prompt, my only complaint is that their area of coverage under "free delivery" for orders exceeding RM150.00 does not extend to greater parts of Klang Valley, namely PJ area. :(


Anonymous said...

Wow Mycoffee, u had a splurg huh! Tks for sharing your experience _Kirsten

swee said...

what's the url of the site ?!

myCoffee said...

Hi Swee,
Link is already provided. Just click on title for te link.

rokh said...

i wanted a baking sheet too! but thought the better of it because my oven can't fit it anyway. LOL

boo_licious said...

mycoffee, you're very welcome.

I'm impressed with you, so fast order the stuff. I've yet to sit down and order - must do it soon or try and rope people to make the RM150 so I can get free delivery to my place.

myCoffee said...

Hi rokh,
The Exopat was slightly too large for my oven too. I had to trim the edges to make it fit and thank God it did! *grin*

Hi boo_licious,
What items are you interested from Gourmandines? Maybe I will drop you a note when I make my next purchase from them so that we can combine our purchases together. :)

Anonymous said...

mycoffee, can i know those varlhona chocolate is for baking or eating? thanks.


myCoffee said...

Hi Chloe,
It can be for both!

Sukkimi said...

I'm thinking to place order from them as well. So how is the taste of the GUANAJA (70%) is it bitter?
And the Manjari (is it orange taste?)

I am thinking to use Valrhona for making chocolate .. Since Christmas coming, i think chocolate gifts are nice :D