Saturday, November 12, 2005

Easy Fixes! (Prata Sausage Roll & Easy Garlic Toast)

Wanna make something to good to eat but don't want much hassle? No worries, here are 2 really easy recipes (ingredients for each not exceeding 3), courtesy of Kitchen Capers forum.

1) Prata Sausage Roll
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All you need are frozen prata (roti canai) sheets (available at any supermarket or mini-mart) and sausages. Thaw the frozen prata for a couple of minutes (but not completely) or until you find that it is easy to roll the sheets without breaking. Place a sausage on it and roll it up. Slash the top a few times with a knife. Then brush the top with some egg wash. Bake in pre-heated oven at 170-180c for 40-45 minutes.
This sausage rolls are really crispy, like a croissant. It loses its crispiness the next day so you may wish to toast it for a while in your toaster-oven, if you still have leftovers the next day.

2) Easy Garlic Toast
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My nephew Amos, was browsing through my favourite bread recipe book by Alex Goh. He saw the Garlic Bread recipe and asked me when am I going to bake some. It was too late to start from scratch (the recipe uses french baguette, recipe provided of course) so what I did was to slice some sandwich bread, spread the sliced bread with some prepared garlic butter (mix some softened salted butter with some finely crushed and chopped garlic and some dried parsley flakes) toast them and voila!, instant Garlic Toasts.

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