Friday, November 18, 2005

Mighty Daifukus!

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I like daifuku or Japanese mochi (chewy glutinous rice cake usually stuffed with a sweet filling). Been wanting to try this since I first saw the recipe but never quite got around to it (kept forgetting). Anyhow, when I received a packet of Japanese glutinous rice flour (ideal for making daifuku) from the lovely Gina, I knew it was definitely time to act! And I am glad that I did. It was easy and fast (by using the microwave). It was done in under 10 minutes. I did mine in 2 flavours, plain red bean paste and plain mung bean paste (as pictured above).
A note though... Just be careful when handling the hot dough when it was just out from the microwave. Use 2 spoons dipped in corn flour as suggested in the recipe. I was using one spoon and when the hot and sticky dough got stucked to the spoon, without thinking I used my finger to try to wipe it off. You can guess what happened next. For a short while, I thought I suffered some first-degree burn....
Anyway, back to the daifukus. These are really good. So soft and chewy. If you can't finish them in one go, you can keep them in the fridge. Before serving, just zap them in the microwave for about 5-8 seconds and they will be just as soft as when freshly made. Or if you like, you can consume them chilled too, just like how my mom prefers them.
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Picture of Japanese Glutinous Rice Flour


gina said...

viv, you very fast on this. have u finish the whole packet? want some more? When Alannia comes by next month, she can get it for u.

Anonymous said...

Vivian, so u didn't get the flour locally? I was going to ask you where u purchased it from. _kirsten

myCoffee said...

No, Gina got it for me.

Thanks for your offer. I might just need to ask for your help but let me hunt around to see if it is available at the Japanese-type supermarket here. How much is a packet by the way?
Also, is something wrong with Kitchen Capers? Can't log in since yesterday.

gina said...

viv, yeah KC was blue yesterday. I couldn't access it myself. :( one pack costs S$2. But only sold in this Discount Store in Singapore called DAISO. Even the Jap supermarkets here don't have it.